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Pondi’s Book of Business Ideas : Amazon Anywhere

A while back I was at Landmark, shopping for books and I felt really handicapped by the lack of relevant information. There were so many books and I hadn’t done my research about which one I wanted to buy so I was just ‘browsing’ – which is always fun – and I can spend hours in a bookshop – but on this occasion I could not. I wanted to find something nice and then head to whatever I had to attend to afterwords. There were the blurbs, there were the endorsement style reviews – but I so craved for an Amazon rating, or a third party review or the ability to find similar titles based on what I had read, or new titles based on what I might want to explore.

So I thought a great business idea would be to have something like ‘Amazon Anywhere’.

Amazon Anywhere LogoConcept: Pick out your phone, scan the bar code using your phone camera, hook on to GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi or perhaps an in-store BluZone (The bluetooth zones which found limited  popularity in malls for sometime – I don’t see them now perhaps because there might’ve been too much spam advertising!) and get some information about the title you are looking at.

Infact, when Android came out with it’s app challenge, I thought that would be a real cool app to make. Some issues were apparently the inability of camera phones to read regular bar codes (I believe they need 2-dimensional bar codes to work).


Then today I saw a video which showed me how limited my vision was. Limited because I couldn’t think beyond the available infrastructure and limited because I wasn’t thinking beyond books.

Guys, This is how the ‘relevant information’ will be delivered to you in the future – becoming a ‘sixth sense’ to your existing quintet. Watch Pattie Mae from MIT media Lab describe the sixth sense to you – her research student Pranav Mistry is the genius behind it.

six_sense1 six_sense2

The guy got a standing ovation at TED! Man, that must’ve been something (Matlab, main ek baar TED dekh aaon to apne aapko dhanya samjhoonga). I’m very VERY jealous, and yet very proud..