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Motorola V3i Update

मैं और मेरा V3i अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं। तुम चलते तो ऐसा होता, तुम चलते तो वैसा होता। तुम उस कॉल पे इतना बजते, उस SMS पे वाइब्रेट करते। मैं और मेरा V3i अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं।

Alas! All attempts to get the RAZR V3i repaired under warranty from Motorola have been in vain.

For those who do not know my V3i story kindly refer to my earlier post here .

The phone promptly stopped working within 4 days of me criticising it on my blog. While I had taken the “don’t-dare-make-the-RAZR-Gods-unhappy” theory to be true, the Motorola service centre guy had a more believable story to relate, (and a rather sad one at that – one which voids your warranty), – Liquid Damage.

He showed me some white deposition on my phone’s innards, said its liquid damage, gave me an uncalled for ‘don’t lie’ look when I told him it has not been exposed to any liquid beyond normal usage, and told me it would cost Rs. 5k to fix. This is when the phone costs about Rs. 7.5k these days.

He also said he had not received *any other case* similar to mine. Look who’s lying now!

Anyway, so though my sweat glands do work overtime, I figured the phone would be resilient enough to withstand that and I might have a chance with the warranty.

I have till now tried the following:

1. Called up customer care – they said I should show it to another service centre somewhere in Badarpur – which I have no plans of doing.
2. Wrote to their customer care email address some 20 days back. No reply, not even an acknowledgment.
3. Written a physical letter to the Motorola HO in Gurgaon. Nothing.
4. Written to the customer care email address again today.

So mostly I have given up on the phone and I have the following choices.
1. Continue to use my N-Gage. I know, the damn thing still works!
2. Get the V3i repaired (I will probably sell it off if I do that. Anyone interested drop me a line :)). It kinda does work sporadically.
3. Buy a new phone. This one is very tempting. Sadly, some of the most promising ones, and the best priced are Motorola.
Unfortunate that my first Motorola experience had to end so badly and sincerely hope the company goes back to their puny marketshare in due course of time.(BW reports that they are the new India No.2 and have increased their market share from 2% to 10%)
(By the way, Motorola has definitely set some trends on the liquid damage front)

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