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The power of metaphor

Needs a longer post, but wanted to take a moment to capture all sorts of things about the power of metaphor. As it turns out, it isn’t just a figure of speech, but one of the most powerful tools for understanding and creating the world.

Metaphors We Live By by Lakoff and Johnson
Evidently the seminal work on how we use metaphors to understand the world.

A problem solving methodology that usesĀ “‘metaphorical process’ to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar”.

Prototype Theory
I need to research this more, but seems related.

Using Metaphor for Needfinding
In this Stanford class, Michael Barry taught us how to use metaphor as a way to synthesize design research.

Steve Teig talks about using Metaphor
Steve Teig talks about how powerful metaphors can help solve problems, including examples like how by using the game Mastermind as a metaphor, he created a new drug discovery engine. Come to think of it, one the most influential start up entities today, Y Combinator, is also driven by a metaphor.