Monthly Archives: August 2013

Gift Economies

Since I’ve been thinking about generosity recently, another idea that I appeals to me is what Sep Kamvar calls the gift economy (By the way, the entire Mastery and Mimicry essay is a great read).

This posts just catalogs some interesting things I’ve found on the interwebs that speak to that idea. Here’s an article about a company called Patreon, that let’s people be patrons to artists they like on YouTube. This phrase particularly stood out to me “the age of advertising was a hundred-year blip”.

Another pieces of news was the open access policy to research that University of California recently instituted.

Kickstarter is also a gifting platform, even though it has found more fame as the platform to “pre-sell” technology projects.

I like the word “gift” instead of “free” because there is still a currency involved, one of gratitude.