Suitably Epic Dream

A talk series I always enjoy listening to is the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series at STVP (Interestingly, one of the things I was excited to come to Stanford for was to be able to see it in person, and the funny thing is that I didn’t go even once. Oh grad school!). Anyhoo, I still listen to recorded talks every now and then. A while back I heard Phil Libin’s talk. A fascinating idea in that talk is about having a ‘Suitably Epic Dream’.

My suitably epic dream, or at least one that I have been trying on for size, is to help people live up to their own potential.

As Steve Jobs said, you can never connect the dots looking forward (one manifestation of which I saw when I was applying to the Stanford Design Program, and the courses in which I had done well at undergrad, even when I was mostly just dicking around at the time, were perfect for the Design Program) I see a thread of this throughout things that I am drawn to. It starts off by trying to live up to my own potential: my fascination with finding (or making) the perfect ToDo list/email killer, inspirational talks, my interest in self help books. Another thread is about empowering others by working on more ‘platform’ problems, a mini-example being ReadyMad– getting companies with Indian pop culture inspired products to have an online platform, my desire to solve the e-commerce enablers problem in India – payment gateway, shipping etc. My Interest in companies like Square and Kickstarter and so on.

A riff on this was captured well by another STVP talk I heard today, by Tim O’Reilly:  where he talks about the notion of ‘creating more value than you capture’. Interestingly, Square features heavily in Tim’s talk, and given that Square is one of the companies I want to work for, I found the weird sense of Synchronicity at play. (I found out there was another phrase for it: cognitive bias though in this case i couldn’t have know that Square will feature in the talk).

The question that I am pondering on these days, is what can be a specific implementation of this dream?

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