Phones. They’re all the same.

You have a phone. You love it, but every now and then it behaves badly. You get pissed. You throw it away in anger.

A few minutes later you feel like making a call. You tread carefully towards the phone. It’s lying dead, or maybe just switched off. You don’t know yet. You pick it up and see it has chipped a little on an edge but no other external damage. You are a bit relieved. You press the power button in anticipation. After what feels like an unending logo animation, the phone is on. You make that call. Maybe the phone is not that bad after all. You give it a little peck and pocket it. Back to things as usual.

But things aren’t usual. Everytime you threw that phone it broke a little bit. On the inside.

One day it stops working. Your doubts are confirmed – this phone was trash. It had to stop working eventually.

They are just never good enough. You head out to go and get a new one.

You toss the dead old phone in the bin on the way out. There’s a rattling sound when it hit the top of the dump already in the bin. But there was another rattling sound. Much quieter. The sound of the broken pieces inside.

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