Damn, I haven’t kept up with the media coverage

When you have a small company, you should celebrate every little victory with aplomb. I just realised that we haven’t spent enough time compiling mentions of iTasveer in mainstream media. While digital media is a Google search away – conventional media is more difficult to collate after a point in time – and to be honest – still holds more charm than being covered by a blog – there, I said it. An attempt to collect some stuff that I remember.


NDTV [Sometime in 2007]

An amusing interview done at IIT Delhi which required at least 3 retakes of us looking at a flying plane (a cheesy shot supposed to indicate ambition).


PC World [May 2007]

The Best Website for Photo Printing ! :D


IBN Live [August 2007]


itasveer.com – ‘The Champion’!

There was another story, which I had found on a competitor’s blog – also to be tracked down.


HT Business [Around June 2008]

Have to track down the article.


Indian Express [October 2008]

‘Photo shop’


Post to be updated – as and when I locate a story.

One thought on “Damn, I haven’t kept up with the media coverage

  1. Nishant says:

    Damn right. I was putting links on our FB page and this page was helpful in atleast getting the video :D

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