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More on Credit Sequences

Having made one prior post on credit sequences, I am now doomed to notice and be affected by them for the rest of my life (which is a good thing mostly). Recently watched Wall-E and was completely blown away by the mini works-of-art that populate its end credits.

Their closing credit sequence traces the history of human evolution (re-evolution actually – with help from the robots) – with animation drawing upon the style of painting across generations – you have Egyptian Hieloglyphics, Rennaissance (or the art fool that I am thinks it was) and more – mindblowing. The following credit roll has an ATARI style retelling of the entire Wall-E story. Funky stuff.

Oh and don’t miss the the animation clip about the magician and his rabbit which preceded the movie. Besides being absolutely hilarious – what’s even more interesting is how they have played with the modified physics  – the fact that the the hat serves as a portal to the rabbit and vice-versa. It reminded me of the PS3 video game Portal.

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Just noticed – Veerle Pieters – kickass Belgian graphic designer – also made a post on movie credit sequences as part of her inspiration series.