When This Man Talks, You Better Listen

Sanjeev Bikhchandani writes again.

Lessons of history learnt seven years ago“.

The first two passages itself are pretty illuminating.

A little over a year ago, I met a well-known NRI who was visiting India from Silicon Valley.

He asked me how the dotcom I worked for was doing. I proudly told him that we were making a profit, that we weren’t running a dotcom but a business, that we actually charged people for our services, that when we had started out three years earlier, dotcoms hadn’t been fashionable and that we also intended to be around when dotcoms were no longer fashionable. He told me with a straight face that I had a vision- problem and that I wasn’t thinking big enough. If we were making a profit then we couldn’t be investing enough in the business. I was crestfallen, for many regarded this luminary as some sort of guru.

An old interview on Rediff is here.

One thought on “When This Man Talks, You Better Listen

  1. Darpan says:

    Hi man nice blog, will take some inspiration. What I need is continuity, rest will follow.

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