Pondi’s Book of Business Ideas: Idea 5 – What Job?

Back in IIT, during our recruitment days, the burning question used to be (and probably still is) – career choice. Should I get a core job or study further? If not a core job, should it be Business Research, or should it be Finance? Should it be Consulting or Sales & Marketing? Or if nothing works out, should I get the worst-case-scenario IT job or take the CAT to make up for past CGPA sins?

Two years after graduation, I am glad and quite content to have founded a company, but had I been doing a job, I would have been none the wiser. What’s worse is that, when my juniors ask me for advice, it saddens me to see them going through the same motions. The professors on the other hand, rue the fact that students are much more interested in joining Finance and Consulting jobs than their core departments – I hear people are doing certification courses from the National Stock Exchange while at IIT. (I guess I have no locust standi to whine about our ‘engineering talent’ getting wasted – considering I wasted no time in switching job profiles). 

A part solution to this problem is to increase the amount of information available and its dessemination which is where ‘What Job?’ comes in.

Product Name: What Job? [The inspiration for the name comes from Manoj Jhanwar]



One-Line Description: ‘What Job?’ would be a blog, podcast and wiki about careers.

Long Description: 

At the very outset, the blog and podcast would comprise interviews with people in all kinds of careers and at all kinds of positions – asking them about their sectors, their profiles, their educational background, the pros and cons of the job, and what someone should do if the want to make it there.

Another aspect could be to serve as guide to the recruitment process in different companies and sectors. So one could have audio recordings of mock (or even real) interviews [recruitment interviews] , Recruitment data from colleges (if it can be provided) etc.

We can also have workplace videos – an attempt to understand what kind of work culture do different sectors and different companies entail.

The wiki would be a ‘job wiki’ and will take care of the chinks in the blog/podcast till the content there is built up. We will have wiki articles on careers, companies, b-schools, educational programs, degree courses, important people within an industry and so on.

How will it make money?

Again this is one of those ideas where money isn’t the primary driver – it’s public good. However, it never hurts to make an organisation self-sustained so it’s worth thinking about how this thing would make money. Besides the obvious first answer to all content-driven internet businesses (advertising), what else can we do? a) We can do slightly smarter advertising. For example, imagine at the end of every post Naukri.com puts in contextual links to, ‘apply for this job’, ‘hire for this position’, ‘apply to this company’ etc. b) Another could be having an associated job board – though I am not entirely sure how the publisher makes money in the case of a job board.


I think one of the main issues will be that the content could end up being too politically correct. Who would like to publicly state that their company sucks/job sucks? The wiki pages might be edited to portray companies in a positive light. Plus, I wonder if any of the things described here would effectively aggregate the varied opinions of people on different things.

Off-topic: Came across another site which posts business ideas – at the rather ambitious rate of 1 everyday – http://astartupaday.wordpress.com/

One thought on “Pondi’s Book of Business Ideas: Idea 5 – What Job?

  1. astartupaday says:

    Thanks for the plug, great to see other people sharing their ideas. I like this one – keep ’em coming!

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