Indian Police – Not Inefficient, Just Plain Corrupt. Also how ICICI Bank sucks.

I finally learnt first hand how corrupt the Indian police is.


The players:

ICICI Bank – (the awardee of the worst customer service in the history of the world award. I am not the only one saying that)

Subway Galleria (in a cameo role)

Janakraj and Mahendra Singh Verma (Bharat ke corrupt cops)

Big Bazaar (Location, Location, Location)

Me (A somewhat careless credit card holder)


A month and a half ago, I lost my credit card at the Subway in Galleria Market. However, I did not realise that until much later – and by then it was too late – someone had spent Rs. 17,650 on my credit card – and I managed to get my card blocked only after the transaction was done.

ICICI Bank in typical we-don’t-give-a-f**k-for-our-customers fashion told me that any dispute can be raised only 21 days after the transaction was made.

I figured I should atleast lodge an FIR. But that attempt seemed doomed from the word go. First I was subjected to some needless abuse from the officer I asked first, such as – “Daaru pee rahe honge .. chohd aaye saale credit card”.

Another assumed and hotly insisted on the fact that I am there only to get an FIR because I needed to get my credit card renewed. Finally one inspector, a certain Mahendra Singh Verma, rose up to the challenge, when I told him that the card was used to buy 2 phones from Big Bazaar Gurgaon.

They went to Big Bazaar with me, took the IMEI numbers (the Big Bazaar guys were extremely helpful), asked me to write an application about the incident (I was supposed to receive the FIR later on the basis of that application), and then I left.


1. Even the most upmarket restaurants may have the wrong people employed so tread with care. In my case, it was the Subway at Galleria Market, Gurgaon.

A couple of weeks later, I get a call from the manager at Subway Galleria ,who had earlier told me that I couldn’t have lost my card there that and all his staff is extremely trustworthy. He said, it turned out that, the card was indeed taken at his restaurant, but now the police has tracked them down using the IMEI codes and was harassing them. They asked me if I could help.

Having been the one who had lodged a complaint, I figured I was in no position to retract it, so I said, No, I can’t. (Also, the whole business appeared a little fishy. They had apparently fired the employee who had stolen the card promptly, and kept the phones with themselves. On top of that, the manager himself had put his own SIM card into that phone (what the f*** did he think he was doing) and was thus caught).

2. Indian Police is not inefficient, just plain corrupt.

I was really impressed with the work that the Indian police had done and was singing songs of praise to all and sundry, until I got a call from the cop who was handling this case – ‘Sir, un phones ka to kuch pata naheen chal paaya. Bank waalon ne kya kaha – aapko bharna padega kya bill?’. I was aghast – What bastards! There was nothing I could do since I needed the FIR – to raise a dispute with the bank. After making me come to the station for 2 days, they finally lodged something (don’t even know if it was an FIR – they made an entry in the register and gave me a copy) – and I was only allowed to write that I had lost my card – the cop was literally dictating what I should write and any deviation was met with admonishment. I ended up writing something like “Maine so-and-so date ko apna card khoya, aur usey aaj tak dhoond raha hoon!”. What’s worse is I recently received another call from the guy “Arrey aapka number dikh gaya diary main to socha pooch len. Oh! bank ne aap pe penalty laga dee. Ab to kya karenge – de dijiye – instalments main de dijiye”. What audacity!

3. ICICI Bank has the worst customer service in the world.

After procuring that ‘FIR’ I finally managed to raise a dispute with ICICI Bank. Weeks later I was informed that the case had been settled in the bank’s favor. After being in a state of distress for a short while – I decided something must be done – after all I had seen those receipts at Big Bazaar – and they were a clear case of forgery (unfortunately, I was too trusting of the policewallahs then, and hadn’t asked for a copy). So then I wrote to ICICI Bank, they directed me to a special inaccessible unit called the “Chargeback Department” – the only was to contact them is via postal mail (which I did and got no response) or a single fax number (which had been engaged all day). I have finally managed to send something to these guys – but still no reply.

Another thing I learnt about ICICI Bank which really shocks me – I visited Big Bazaar again in the hope that I might get a copy of those receipts – and I was told that the ICICI bank investigator was too lazy to even look at those signed receipts simply because he had to get them from Big Bazaar’s corporate offce – thus he closed the case in the bank’s favour without even bothering to look at them. What a shit bank!

11 thoughts on “Indian Police – Not Inefficient, Just Plain Corrupt. Also how ICICI Bank sucks.

  1. […] months back and it was used by someone to make a transaction of about 18k (For details, read my last post). I raised a dispute with ICICI Bank which was settled against me. After spending a month […]

  2. NEon says:

    Look for another bank and press criminal charges.

  3. Himani says:

    I totally second that.

  4. Himani says:

    ‘What a shit bank.’
    I totally second that.

  5. Asha says:

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  6. Mridul says:

    Hi All,

    I don’t know if this is correct place, however I would still post my issue since ‘ICICI’ plays

    a role.

    I applied for a Car (Chevrolet) Loan via ICICI. The loan amount was a mere 3.2L. I submitted

    over 100 xerox copies of documents, my past 2.5 years of employment papers, this n that.

    Where am I stuck? The person from ICICI (or the agency ICICI hires) went to the WRONG address

    for my verification. Now, I’m single and I stay alone. Where I live, it has been over 2.5 years

    and everyone knows me in the building for obvious reasons. The verification guy went to the

    wrong address and marked my FI as negative. I re-requested it and this time he entered the

    wrong address again! I assisted him in going to the correct address, and again he marked me as

    negative! I verified from every neighbor in my building, all of them were away to work. And the

    comments that this guy put in his notes everytime was
    “The guy has left the building 2 days ago”

    1) When first time, he entered the wrong place, how could he write “I left 2 days ago”? (even

    if I did leave)!!
    2) Howcome he wrote the same damn comment AGAIN when he entered the same address

    My question to ICICI persons:
    1) Are these persons your own? These so called uneducated and absolutely lunatic people
    2) If not, then they are from some agency that you hire. What is your criteria for making a

    contract with an agency for the verification process? Or do you have none at all?
    3) On what basis, are these persons given information for verification?

    or is this just some “layman’s work” or some “jugaad” thing keeping which in mind does ICICI

    hire/employ agency/persons for the verification process?

    I have taken a leave today, in spite of urgent work, sitting back home like a stupid person,

    and finding EVERY SITE on which I can tell people, what ICICI does!

    No matter what comes to this country, the service is as bad as a road-side dhaba. And its

    painful to see, ICICI BANK is no damn different!

    Thanks ICICI, these are the reasons why people from outside laugh at India and its services.

    Forget them, I am laughing myself to be a part of the country where a bank like ICICI truly

    harasses people and kills their time n money for nothing at all!


  7. Dear Mridul,

    We’re sorry to hear about your experience.

    Please write to us with your contact details at (Subject line: UID 278429). We’ll immediately contact you and work to address your issue.

    ICICI Customer Service Team.

  8. Ali Khan says:

    Hey you should write to or call 022 40987444 (mumbai number)

    I have had a few issues and they resolved it.

    Trust me.. WHAT IS UNFAIR is UNFAIR… if u dont fight.. the bank n cops both will get more courage to do such things.

    Bank must have paid them few thousand rs. to make you shut up.

  9. chandy says:

    icici bank sucks and payback also sucks.. payback never works not even on his own website and icici do fraud marketing

  10. V says:

    My NRI account with ICICI has been locked out for years. The reams of paperwork I sent to make the account operable have not even been acknowledged. The account is still dormant. This is a status that the RBI designed to help customers by preventing fraudulent use of inactive accounts by insiders at the bank. But the banks have cleverly used that to lockout customers from their own accounts. There is no way to use the money, close the account, other than by going through the tedium of overseas mail to their Mumbai headquarters which anyhow will never be acknowledged much less addressed. If you think this has all the marks of a fraudulent system, you are probably right.

    Their phone banking is a joke, an illustration of how you can have lots of people at work and still do nothing for the customer. Without reservation, their customer service ranks as the worst among all the banks I have dealt with. They also deserve the highest marks on bureaucracy, incompetence, outdated modes and methods that make life unpleasant for the customer. Perhaps this is the true mission of the ICICI Customer Service Department: Make life hell for the customer so they will never, ever make the mistake of contacting customer service.

    On the rare occasions that I happen to visit their branch in India, the expectation is that I have to fall on their feet for them to provide any service to me — for the simple mistake I made years ago by opening an account with their bank.

    Save yourselves a lot of grief. Stay away from ICICI.

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