Stay Organised

Note to myself: Cleaning up through the mess is a lot more difficult than keeping it organised in the first place.

I always have these cleanup sessions on my PC where I spend a few hours moving files which I have piled on to my desktop and random arcane folders into relevant folders. I guess it is just easier being slighlty less lazy and putting a file where it belonged in the first place.

On the flip side, I actually end up looking at a file again and can sort of reassess what to do about it – which might not have happened if it wasn’t to be moved. Though I must admit even in this case there is more noise than signal.

Of course, you will tell me : install Google Desktop. Or you will tell me : once tag-and-search become ubiquitous this organisation may not be needed at all. But for now I would like the organisation of my digital life to mimic the physical. Because the the latter will probably never mimic the efficiencies possible with the former.

2 thoughts on “Stay Organised

  1. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  2. ashwani says:

    on the other hand, i almost have an obsessive compulsive disorder with organizing things. i keep telling myself quite often that i should stop wasting time in organizing things.

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