IIT Delhi has (finally) started an Entrepreneurship Development Cell. They are planning to do some interesting stuff and have had two talk sessions till date. The first was an inaugural session with Alok Mittal. The second session was today, and is of particular significance to me, because I was one of the speakers (!).

As if that wasn’t a big enough responsibility, I was sharing the stage with Deep Kalra, the founder of Makemytrip, and an amazing speaker. (On and by the way, I have heard Deep before at a TiE session, when I thought he was good, but after today I have to say he is fantastic).

Anyway, so a dissection of how it went for me, so that I can do this stuff better in the future.

1. I forgot! I had some very specific thoughts in mind but drew a blank even after practicing earlier during the day. So practice more, and practice a day in advance. Anyway I will try to write down/record what I wanted to say, what questions the audience asked and add a link here. By the way, I recommended the audience to read this and this.

2. Try and keep a set of slides. What it allows you to do, is a) have memory triggers for yourself and anchor points for the audience to keep your talk on track. b) The audience has a takeaway at the end of the session. One possible reason why I did not because I read this only a couple of days back (one should always get a counterpoint). (Also, it seems a little inappropriate that Deep had a set of slides to use and I didn’t)

3. Don’t rush through the talk, dwell upon your key points so that audience does not take away a different picture than you wanted to portray – especially with your examples, give them time to sink in (and definitely have slides for these).

4. Don’t rely on the compere’s introduction of your company – no one listens to him. Give one yourself.

Also, found out Ok Tata Bye Bye is a Makemytrip initiative. Impressive.

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