The fading glory of the RAZR V3i

Oh how I coveted that thing! That object of desire dressed beautifully in black – surely it was created by some divine design. It belonged to someone else, yet I would steal glances at it from across the table.

Finally I gave in. I bought myself a brand new Motorola RAZR. I had decided that I would wait for the V3i to arrive on the scene, with its sexy gun metal finish, 1.2 mp camera and iTunes. Plus it came with a 256 mb microSD card. All that for a mere 14,500. Yeah, I know its 10,500 now, but even then it felt like more than VFM.

The headphones were nice, I could put music on to it through iTunes, not as convenient as using Windows Explorer like I did with my N-Gage, but not too bad either. The sound quality was good. It did not scratch easily, which was quite something considering the last gadget I bought before that was the iPod Nano. I could put animated .gifs as screensavers – nice. Some minor problems did surface, like it would hang up a on a few occasions, and the voice quality was not as great as my N-Gage, but that was okay – it looked so damned neat.

After a point I came up with an corny analogy – The Moto RAZR V3i is like a really hot girl friend – she is dumb, demanding and a pain to deal with, but you take it all in your stride because she is so damned hot (I am just going by what Bollywood movies has taught me).

Times have changed and somehow that analogy does ring so true any more. When every third guy (and girl) in the country start seeing the same hot babe, where’s the novelty? Now I have just have a phone – called the MotoRAZR – oh you have one too? Thought so.

Now I would give you a list of reasons why you should not buy the the MotoRAZR, starting now.

1. It’s has an MP3 player with iTunes. Great, except that putting music on that phone is the most infuriating thing on this planet. For starters it is USB 1.0 and works like USB 0.3, it takes forever to put one song on it. Plus you cannot put music on it from another computer. If you do, first it will delete all the songs you have, because you see, it can be associated with only one iTunes library. BS. Plus, even with that one iTunes library, what happens if you removed a song from your library? Plug in your phone and it gets deleted too – it needs to be ‘updated’! To prevent that you have to uncheck some minuscule check boxes next to the song. Compare that to my N-Gage – agreed it looked like an elephant ear, did not have the best sound in the world, but not only could I put music on it easily, I could put it in any damned folder and it would find it.

2. 1.2 megapixel camera. Ha! Good Luck Photoshopping what most likely are the darkest photos clicked ever, even in broad sunlight – and they all look a bit yellowish and hazy. On the bright side you can probably pass it off as a vintage snap.

3. It hangs up. All the time. Not because I do anything wrong, but because I try to answer a call when the clamshell is open. It hangs, I have to close it and wait for 2 minutes while it recuperates and then wait for the person to call me again. Nice touch.

4. The voice quality just plain sucks. It is slightly better than the sound quality I got from my N-Gage when I was holding it reverse and speaking into the speaker (I had not understood the elephant ear dynamics then).

5. It cannot search through your phone book in real time. Now is that stone age or is that stone age? I have to type a few letters and then say Search. Did you just type ‘Sa’ and you have several contacts starting with those two letters? What would you do if you were Nokia – you would add another letter. What do you do if you were the MotoRAZR? You would type S-a-whatever again and press Search. Still didn’t find it? Type away some more baby.

6. Call me finicky, but could they have picked an uglier font?

Alas, I can’t afford a new phone anytime soon. So will have to make do with it for now. Maybe when we are alone, away from this RAZR infested world, we can reminisce about the good old times.

Update : The RAZR Gods don’t like me anymore. Within four days of me writing this post, my RAZR  stopped working, just like that! The other culprit could be myself, also known as the Sweatman – this phone might have succumbed to the same fate as my earlier phones. Better check the Warranty quick.

8 thoughts on “The fading glory of the RAZR V3i

  1. bandy says:

    Hey stud…
    Even i got a V3i for myself…
    though didnt have to pay for it…came free with the service plan…
    The only advantage i seem to figure out is the fact that its sleek…
    otherwise pretty useless to do anything else…

    Did u notice that the games take like a minute to load!!

    hows life?

  2. Abhimanyu Singh Rana says:

    if the warranty is still valid, get your instrument changed. it seems that ur phone is giving you as many problems as it can. BTW, check out the m600i or the drool thing, the samsung sghp300/310 talk about an extra battery built into the leather cover, and hide beinh the credit card capabilities

  3. Ashwani says:

    well if it was mere 14,500 (i like the expression) why dont you just buy a new phone? haha
    See I told you N-gage is the best vfm phone which has ever been launched. anyways this motorola L6 is treating me well.

  4. sunil ochani says:

    i have bought the moto razr v3i but i am new to motorola is anyone can help me out how i can make itunes for my mobile handset. kindly email me on my email address i.e.,

  5. mayankjain says:

    moto sucks…nokia rocks!!

  6. Ashish says:

    Agree – except that Nokia seems to have a lead designer who has a fat fetish.

  7. vikky says:

    v3i… Sick featureless boring mobile with the best looks in market.i got one for my sucks.the only plus point for the company is tht it has got the best designers in the world.the device hangs,BT is ultra slow,browser works once in a while,u can not reject calls without opening the flap,itunes is horrible,reception and sound quality is show off phone.just looks n nothing else…

  8. roe says:

    wow, agree with all vikky said. how sad that i cant take a photo or a video. whats the point of having the feature?

    the basic feature, making calls is perfect. but, i really like having a phone handy that can snap a photo. what a waste. thought it was only me.

    thinking about changing it. bought it in costco so i probably can.

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