Mystery of the entangled earphones

I have always wondered how my earphone wires (or phone charger for that matter) always manage to entangle themselves in the most intricate way possible – even when I put them in my pocket in a fairly pristine condition. I have never understood this. Entropy at work? But how? I mean – how does it get into those insurmountable knots?

Perhaps someone can make a pair of earphones whose wires don’t entangle – that would be some invention.

5 thoughts on “Mystery of the entangled earphones

  1. Ashwani says:

    My earphones, laptop charger and mouse wires are without fail intertwined when I keep them in my laptop bag. Looks like snakes making love. And its quite frustating to separate them when you come back home or come to the office. Probably, according to your dear ex-manager I will have to start CAPTURING it in my timesheet.

  2. Ashish says:

    One of our colleagues(mera case main ex) thought that this post could have a different title – Uljhhi …..

  3. Rana says:

    The magnets in the phones interact with earth’s ever changin magnetic feild, the interactiosn enhanced by your chic magnet personality, creating the mess. I suggest you turn off the charm when you are packing your i-pod

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