I now write at WordPress

WordPress seems a lot more useful than Blogger. For starters it offers categories – something integral to me whose thoughts fly all over the place. Also, it appears I can directly write posts from Netvibes, which does seem to be the case with Blogger.I can also toss around other reasons which I do not fully understand so I shall spare myself right now.
Sad that I can’t modify the theme for a free WordPress blog. Update: Also not easy to add images to a free WordPress blog.

Only trouble now is porting everything from Blogger here, though the good part is that I have no comments :D

One thought on “I now write at WordPress

  1. Mike says:

    I have been following the market for the past 6 months and there are many good services available. My personal favorite is Pageflakes because it offers you a feature to share your pages with friends and colleagues. I think that’s a very useful and powerful feature and adds a whole new dimension to collaborative work. Of course, I also use the pages for my private needs (you can setup as many private, shared or public pages as you want). Other start pages are good too, but I will stick with Pageflakes for now. Check it out at http://www.pageflakes.com

    Best regards
    Mikey Lero

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